What is Travelweek's Learning Center?

Travelweek's Learning Center is a one-stop-shop where travel agents can search and manage the many specialist programs available to them online. As the site builds, more courses will be available. Agents can find the courses they are most interested in, and the most useful. Agents will also be able to keep track of courses started, courses completed, rewards available upon course completions (if applicable) and course scores (grades). You can begin to keep track of your Learning Center courses by first creating an account, then clicking the "Start Course" button for any course offered on the Learning Center.

Does it cost anything to take courses on the Learning Center?

No. All courses on the Learning Center are offered to travel agents free of charge.

Why am I redirected to another website after I start a course?

You can access courses on the Learning Center that are hosted on other websites. When you are redirected to a course’s website you will have to re-register on their website.  When you have completed a course we will be notified with your grade and any rewards available to you. We will post this in the My Scores and My Rewards pages of your Learning Center account so you can keep track of your completions, scores and rewards (if applicable).

How can I remove a course from the My Courses page?

If you have started a course that you no longer wish to complete, please contact us at support@travelweeklearningcenter.com and we will remove the course from your account.

What is the difference between a prize and a reward?

When a travel agent completes a course that is offering a prize, their name will be added into a draw for that prize. Of all the travel agents who complete a course with a prize offering, there will only be one winner (unless otherwise specified).
When a travel agent completes a course that is offering reward(s) upon completion, they will be eligible to receive those rewards. All agents who complete a course with reward(s) offerings will be entitled to the reward(s).

What is the Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List is a list of travel agents’ top scores. This list consists of agents who earned the most recent highest scores for courses completed. The list will be continually updated.

Can I put my travel agent online training course up on Travelweek’s Learning Center?

Yes! We’d be more than happy to put your course up on the Learning Center. Please call Travelweek and ask to speak with our Sales department for more information: 416-365-1500.